Thomas Real Estate is the Agency that will guide you and advice you so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Buying or Selling should be fun and profitable for everyone. If you are selling, make sure why you want to sell and the same applies if you are buying. Make sure you are securing the best possible price whether you are selling or buying. Remember that you profit when you buy and not when you sell.

When you buy a property in Cyprus , remember to register the agreement to purchase with the Land Registry Office so that the seller can not (knowingly or not) resell the property. It will cost you a few pounds but at the end it is worth the exercise.

If the seller does not have the title of the property, make sure why that is the case and investigate through the Land Registry Office. If it’s because the property is mortgaged then make sure you are provided with a document from the appropriate bank. Thomas Real Estate Agency will guide you step by step so that your investment will be smooth and profitable.

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